Working together, for a better Made in Maniago

MKM, or Maniago Knife Makers, is a consortium representing knife-makers from ‘the home of knives’ around the world. The company is headquartered in Maniago itself, around 70 miles from Venice in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy). Founded in 1960, the consortium brings together makers of knives, scissors and similar products, and for almost 60 years it has been promoting all things Made in Maniago. The brand MKM, already in use in the past, has been revamped and relaunched, with the aim of offering the market new collections, created through partnerships with local knife-makers. MKM shines the spotlight on cutting-edge technology and first-rate creativity, driven by over five centuries of local tradition and, today, enhanced even further by the fruitful coming together of businesses and expertise. The MKM brand is represented by its polygonal line logo, which evokes the mountainous skyline that is the backdrop to Maniago. The slogan, “Climb the Edge”, is a call to action, which also makes subtle reference the cutting edge of the knives themselves. The goal is to reach the pinnacle of high quality with innovative ideas and hi-tech materials. MKM launches as the product brand for the consortium Maniago Knife Makers with a collection of sporting knives, made by local business network Mikita, the very best in the sector globally.

MKM Collections