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  • FREE SHIPPING over € 99,00 to Italy, € 199 to EU, € 299 to US/Canada
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About us

Consorzio Coltellinai Maniago is the consortium joining together 46 Maniago Knife Makers Companies that we are proudly representing around the world since 1960. The Maniago Knife District is internationally well known for its blades that since over 600 years ago are synonymous with guarantee and reliability.

The High Quality Products 100% Made in Maniago are among others:

  • EDC and Gentlemen knives
  • Hunting, Diving and Outdoor knives
  • Home and Professional Kitchen knives
  • Corkscrews and wine accessories
  • Agriculture and gardening tools
  • Scissors for textile, hairstyle and beauty care
  • Industrial blades
  • OEM and Private label projects

In 2018 Consorzio Coltellinai Maniago created his own brand MKM – Maniago Knife Makers, with the aim of offering the market new collections, created through partnerships with best local knife-makers. The aim is to reach the pinnacle of highest quality with the best innovative ideas and the most hi-tech materials.


MKM shines the spotlight on cutting-edge technology and first-rate creativity, driven by over six centuries (600 years) of local blacksmith tradition and, today, enhanced even further by the fruitful coming together of businesses and expertise.